How I met Annie — Four stories from our team


The beginning of a new year is often a time for introspection and gratitude. After reflecting on what matters to us, our team decided to share how we each met Annie Verrier, the founder of Performa. Every story is unique, but there’s a common thread: people discovering that they shared a similar vision, values and desire to combine work with fun. Enjoy the four inspiring stories!



Julie’s story


I was in charge of marketing at a real estate development company. When we had a major project on the horizon, I contacted a number of agencies, including Performa, to see which one could provide strategic support and take over a few key tasks. Right from my first call with Annie, I remember thinking: She’s the one I want to hire. Not only was she able to anticipate my needs, she also had this contagious enthusiasm.


We met in person two days later and she came armed with a number of inspiring ideas that made sense for our project. She was very well prepared, which impressed me and confirmed my intuition about her. For me, it was tremendously reassuring to feel her positivity and sense that she cared about the project’s success as much as I did. It was the start of a great working relationship—and what would even become a friendship.


Eventually, I left that job to seek out new challenges, but Annie and I stayed in touch. A few months later, we took our kids to the zoo and, as we wandered around, the idea was floated that I should join the Performa team. Since there wasn’t an existing position to fill, we created a new role that reflected my interests and areas of expertise. I don’t think I could find another job that suits me better or that allows me to work with such an incredible group of people. I’ve been at Performa for almost 5 years now and I’m so grateful that my path crossed with Annie’s!



Marie-Claude’s story


After holding various management positions in marketing/advertising agencies and in corporate settings, I felt the need to look for an employer whose vision was more closely aligned with my own. Specifically, I wanted there to be a balance between delivering top-quality work and caring for employee needs and wellbeing.

I’d previously crossed paths with Annie in my first job at Sid Lee, but we really clicked when I interviewed at Performa. I knew I’d found my ideal employer, one who shared the same values as me: communication, respect, authenticity and mutual support. Annie offered me the chance to work in an environment where people mattered, which meant I could put my best foot forward and see myself there over the long term.

That was 5 years ago and the rest is history!



Sabrina’s story


I was a marketing communications freelancer with several contracts on the go. Every now and then, I’d meet with a client whose offices were on the same floor as Performa Marketing. One day I met Annie in the common area and her energy really struck me. It might sound flaky, but it’s true. She made such an impression on me that I decided to pitch my project management services to Performa, even though there wasn’t a position open at the time.


Our first meeting was the start of a unique connection, based on surprisingly similar visions and values. We both had a real interest in working together, so even though I had ongoing professional commitments, I freed up some time in my schedule to get started on a first project with Performa. What was supposed to be a simple contract quickly expanded, and within just a few weeks I officially joined the team.


That was nearly 5 years ago—and what a ride it’s been! The strength of our working relationship stems from our shared focus on customer service and quality results. It’s incredibly motivating for me to know that client satisfaction is a top priority for both of us.



Vickie’s story


Annie and I were colleagues at Sid Lee, the ad agency. Well actually, she was my amazing superior as we managed the Red Bull and Société des Casinos du Québec accounts. Working with Annie was always tons of fun. She brings happiness into the workplace, day after day.


Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from her. For instance, I’ve learned that success is largely measured by the positive impact you have on the people around you—not just what you achieve professionally, but how you make people feel. I’ve learned that the strongest teams are those that are able to stay positive while looking for innovative solutions. And that enjoying a glass of wine at the office on Fridays can do wonders for your morale. And that letting loose is healthy and sometimes leads to novel ideas.


On that note, I remember a crazy story that happened at one of Sid Lee’s wild parties. We’d spent the day with our Red Bull clients at the Crashed Ice event in Quebec City. Intense work, intense cold, intense stress. The event had gone off without a hitch, the website had held up, the skaters had given their 110%. Everything had gone perfectly and now it was time to relax. By the time Annie and I arrived at the agency party, the festivities were already… errr… in full swing… On second thought, maybe I should keep this story to myself! Haha!


All this to say that I’ve known Annie Verrier for nearly 15 years and I’m really grateful that both our professional relationship and friendship are as strong as ever. Thanks for everything, Annie!


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