that makes sense

Our mission

Contribute to your success through 360 degree collaborative marketing. We have your business reality in mind and your success at heart.

Established in 2010

Performa got started when Annie Verrier—now the agency’s president—decided to launch a company based on her values, her sincere desire to help talented entrepreneurs and her drive to have a positive impact on their businesses.


As a results-driven professional with a sporty streak, Annie was naturally drawn to the name PERFORMA. The agency’s logo is composed of bar and pie chart symbols, reflecting the performance indicators that define what we do.


More than a decade later, we remain focused on helping clients succeed—and perform—through our 360-degree collaborative marketing approach.

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Putting people first


We listen carefully to what our clients have to say while remaining attentive to the things left unsaid. As dedicated advisors, our role is to ask the right questions, understand the issues at hand and consider all possibilities.


We take personal, social and environmental factors into account in everything we do. For us, it's only natural to show empathy and express gratitude to our clients, partners and employees by ensuring their well-being and satisfaction.


We aim to team up with our clients by keeping an open mind, promoting innovation and sharing knowledge. We believe that mutual assistance is the key to becoming better citizens and making a difference over the short, medium and long terms.


We communicate regularly, transparently and honestly, with a view to delivering superior results. Forging strong, trusting relationships is essential to us.

Our manifesto

At Performa Marketing,
we balance performance with intelligence.



We employ all our senses
to create marketing that makes sense.
Marketing that makes a difference.
That appeals to the mind
and hits you in the heart.



We’ll lend an ear and put our heads together to find strategies that work for your business.



At Performa Marketing,
we believe that big results are made up of small victories. And that a solid foundation allows you to build success, one brick at a time. A firm footing starts with an effective strategy and a creative direction that reflects your brand image.

Small wins add up to big ones.

Victories never happen alone.


We’ll build them together, our experts partnering with yours.


We’ll be at your side with an unwavering focus on your goals and a constant watch over your performance.


At Performa Marketing,
we believe in powerful and purposeful marketing. Our goal is to elevate your business, regardless of its size or scope.


Working with you, we aspire to build a better world, one campaign at a time.

We seek the best solutions by always asking the right questions.


At Performa Marketing,
our creative ideas are always supported by a solid strategy.


The secret to our success is strong business relationships. Together, let’s make your marketing more meaningful.


Let’s find a way to balance performance, purpose and intelligence.


Performa Marketing.
Strategic minds, creative spirits. We’re here to help your business achieve peak performance.

Our team

With experienced strategists and managers, Performa brings together the best talent to make sure your 360° marketing projects are a success. We handle everything from the initial strategy to the final creative product. Our turnkey offer brings you guaranteed performance, results and peace of mind.

Committed to giving back

At Performa, we firmly believe in the importance of corporate social responsibility and we want our agency to be an upstanding corporate citizen.

As strategic advisors to entrepreneurs, we see ourselves as catalysts for sustainable development.

Our clients and partners make decisions every day, and we aim to positively influence their choices.


What motivates us?

  • Working with clients who share our values
  • Helping young entrepreneurs shine the spotlight on their innovative ideas
  • Sharing inspiring initiatives from around the world
  • Increasing our knowledge of sustainable development
  • Encouraging clients to adopt people-centric practices
  • Supporting organizations that work in the fields of environment, education and wellness


We are also partners of the Tree Canada organization and members of the Vivre en Ville organization, a public interest organization that provides decision-makers with the information they need to create more sustainable communities.


Is there something we should be contributing to? Send us your ideas!


People, purpose and peak performance

Our business culture grows organically. We’re free-range, with no official code of conduct. At Performa, conversations always start with a smile and a genuine inquiry about your well-being. We’re sincere when we ask, “How are you?”.


We pool our respective talents to develop exciting projects and make sure our clients, colleagues and partners are satisfied. We’re caring, proactive, thorough and committed to putting our best foot forward and delivering the best possible solutions.

Wellness success stories

  • Career advancement based on personal strengths and interests
  • Performa Day to discuss the agency’s business strategy
  • Lunch-and-learn discovery meetings to share sources of inspiration
  • Weekly cheers for personal successes and team victories
  • Team-building activities with external collaborators
  • Ad hoc initiatives to tickle our imaginations: candies delivered by Batman, karaoke with surprise characters, Old West picnic, blindfolded portrait drawing, visits to contemporary art exhibitions, model receptionist wearing a bear head, etc.
  • Remote work and flexible schedule options
  • Height-adjustable desks
  • Performa training program and bookstore
  • Personalized coaching sessions
  • Dialogue telemedicine platform
  • Healthy snacks (and comfort food!)
  • Fully equipped kitchen

Does our vision appeal to you?
Join the Performa team

We’re always interested in meeting passionate people who share our values. Tell us about yourself, your expertise and your ambitions.


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