PERFORMA FONDATION FRED-agence-marketing-diabete-b2b

Fred Foundation

Mandate Fred stands for “Fondation Ressources pour les enfants diabétiques” (Diabetic Children’s Resource Foundation). The organization brings together a wide range of resources to improve the lives of children from

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PERFORMA FONDATION EULALIE DUROCHER-agence-marketing-vin-montreal

Fondation Eulalie-Durocher

Mandate Fondation Eulalie-Durocher, an organization associated with Collège Durocher in Saint-Lambert, organizes fundraisers—including a signature wine show—to help cover student tuition fees. We were asked to create an inspiring brand

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PERFORMA GRANBY ZOO-agence-marketing-montreal-tourisme

Granby Zoo

Mandate Granby Zoo is the largest zoo in Quebec and one of the most extensive in Canada. The organization called on Performa to develop strategic marketing recommendations, including an analysis

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