LOMBOI, LEED-certified Condos

Condos Lomboi

We’re excited to unveil the new brand identity we created for LOMBOI, a new condo development in Rosemont’s popular Molson Park area. With its sights set on LEED certification, this project was named in honour of the lumber yard that used to operate on the same site. 


Performa’s role included carrying out a competitor audit and developing the brand DNA, strategy, branding (logo, brochure, 3D renderings, creative copy and website), social media, lead generation campaign and performance tracking. 

The campaign is going extremely well! If you’re curious about the property, subscribe to the LOMBOI newsletter: lomboi.ca 


According to Annie Verrier, Performa’s president and founder: “The vision behind LOMBOI comes from Simon Gareau, a local real estate developer and family man, who saw an opportunity to build a development that combined superior quality, comfort, beauty and nature. We were immediately interested by the project’s ambitions of being both liveable and eco-friendly.”



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