LE CELTIS, a Rental Property that’s Deeply Rooted in the Community

Le Celtis

We love helping clients meet their marketing goals and see real estate projects take shape. Our team recently contributed to LE CELTIS, a new 166-unit rental property in LaSalle. Performa was hired to develop the brand DNA, name and manifesto as well as a landing page, 3D renderings and newsletter content. We were also asked to handle the media relations. 

We’d like to thank Legacy Real Estate Development for choosing us as their marketing partner and trusting us to help make the project a success.

« Performa se distingue des agences marketing puisque c’est plutôt un partenaire 360 degrés avec qui nous pouvons collaborer. Nous nous appuyons sur leur expérience en immobilier et l’équipe accorde réellement de l’importance aux résultats. »

– Guylaine Duplessis, Vice President Marketing and Communications, Legacy Real Estate Development

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Celtis - laptopCeltis - Pelletée de terre
Celtis - Pelletée de terre - Annie Verrier
Celtis - Pelletée de terre - Sabrina

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