Platinum Award at the Grands Prix du Design

Grands prix du Design

We’ve got exciting news! Drum roll… Performa Marketing took home the Platinum Award at the Grands Prix du Design. More specifically, our work on LABO Habitats Locatifs was chosen in the Communication Design/Corporate Communication category. We were absolutely delighted to be recognized by industry leaders. Thanks to everyone who helped craft the brand identity for this real estate project, and especially to our client, Pur Immobilia, for their commitment to creating unique brands and delivering a top-quality customer experience. We’re also grateful to for organizing the 15th edition of the awards at Capitole de Québec. 

Jury’s kudo : “The corporate communication tool designs here are audacious, modern and new. Bold and contrasting colors vibrate! Very well thought out and coherent it its whole.”



Performa Marketing created the brand identity for LABO, a real estate development consisting of 300 rental units located near Atwater Market. LABO sets the tone for creative living with a space that straddles the past and the present. Located in a bustling neighbourhood, the property balances a proud heritage with modern amenities—the best of both worlds. Performa was tasked with producing the market intelligence, marketing plan, brand DNA and brand image (including the name, taglines, logo, authorized variations, typographic style, photographic style, copywriting, brochures, business cards, unit floor plans, rental office design, building entrance display wall, etc.).

LABO – The name
Performa’s take on LABO is that the property is imbued with the past, yet firmly rooted in the present. Each loft features a spacious open area, 12-foot ceilings and large windows to maximize natural light. LABO is where the rich history of one of Canada’s first pharmaceutical labs meets the contemporary elegance of a new build. But the property’s name—LABO—is also a nod to the “creative labs” that define the arts and communications scenes. They’re spaces for exploration, discovery and innovation. The LABO name connects the property’s pharmaceutical past to its present status as a vibrant and inspiring residential development that’s undoubtedly with the times. In addition, Phase 1 of the project will highlight the original building’s historic architectural features and materials, like the brick walls and other structural components.

The tagline
“Immerse yourself in the experience. The LABO experience.”
The tagline makes reference to one of PUR Immobilia’s top priorities: the customer experience. From customer service through to design, architecture, location, construction and long-term sustainability, PUR Immobilia is committed to delivering a top-quality product.

The brand image
True to the building’s original purpose, LABO inspires audacity, exploration and discovery. It’s designed to get your creative juices flowing. With an industrial aesthetic, the property looks like it belongs in New York City’s Meatpacking District. When creating the brand image, Performa opted for powerful, oversized visuals to reflect the property’s bold, modern and larger-than-life personality. Bright and contrasting colours (red, navy and light verdigris) convey creativity and refinement. The New York-style typography was chosen in reference to designer Paula Scher from Pentagram, the well-known design studio, as well as to the pop art movement that emerged from the Big Apple in the 1950s. The documentation was printed on recycled paper.

Performa’s team thoroughly enjoyed creating the LABO brand assets in collaboration with the client. Philippe Bernard, co-president and founder of PUR Immobilia, said: “We’ve been working with Performa for years on a number of residential real estate projects, including LABO, and now consider the agency a trusted partner. Like us, they aim to deliver the best possible quality, in terms of both customer relations and project execution.”

Established in 2010, Performa Marketing helps clients succeed—and perform—through its 360-degree collaborative marketing approach. The agency’s core values include kindness, respect, collaboration and transparency.




 LABO Brochure

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