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We often hear from clients who can’t move forward with their plans because they’re short-staffed. When that happens, we sit down together to prioritize their needs and find tailored solutions so that they can meet their goals. Our CMO-on-demand service relieves the burden on their in-house team.

What are your marketing challenges? Do you need help with analysis, strategy, planning, project execution, campaign launches, training or communications? No matter what you’ve got in mind, rest assured that anything is possible. It’s just a matter of setting priorities.

Here are a few examples of what we can do for you:

  • Analyze your marketing material and customer touch points to help you optimize your investments
  • Develop marketing plans, including strategies and budgets, so that you can get everyone on the same page
  • Create a social media plan (including an internal approval structure) to improve your visibility
  • Prepare a recruitment and employer brand campaign
  • Provide art direction and copywriting services
  • Launch and manage all kinds of marketing projects
  • Implement a CRM
  • Conduct weekly follow-up meetings with your teams
  • Offer customized training (marketing strategy, social media and content, web media, budget management, etc.)
  • Assist your accounting department with marketing budget tracking and billing management

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