Performa Marketing awarded a new contract in the sustainability field


Performa Marketing has been contracted by ATIS Énergie, a Quebec company specializing in energy efficiency, to review its brand identity, strategic planning, website and various marketing executions. The company wanted the quality of its international service offer to be reflected in its branding and sought a more modern and impactful image, website and messaging. These improvements are also expected to support the company’s recruitment efforts.


Performa Marketing completed a competitor audit before developing a new brand identity, marketing plan, website, trade show materials and marketing tools. The company tagline—Measuring Your Ambitions—is a reference to ATIS Énergie’s expertise in analyzing energy efficiency and process optimization performance indicators.


“Our challenge was to develop a new brand identity that reflected the company’s key offering and core values, which include innovation, integrity, environmental responsibility and excellence,” said Vickie Maxwell, Senior Account Manager at Performa Marketing. “We’re proud of what we’ve done to help them achieve their goals, particularly since this company aims to make its processes carbon neutral. It’s a truly admirable ambition!”


“Performa is a trusted marketing partner for strategy development, creative work and execution management. Thanks to their strategic expertise, we now have a solid foundation to grow our business internationally,” said Robert La Roche, President of ATIS Énergie. “In addition to being committed to delivering top-quality service, their team shares our vision of what sustainable development should be.”


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About ATIS Énergie


ATIS Énergie has been a leader in the field of energy efficiency for more than 15 years thanks to its holistic approach. After assessing a facility’s overall use of energy, ATIS Énergie offers custom solutions to maximize system operations and drive a level of transformation that leads to significant long-term improvements on energy consumption and performance. For more information, visit:






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