An evening of celebration for Performa’s ecosystem


Performa regularly invites its ecosystem of contributors to toast the joys of working together and playing together. Here are a few snapshots from our October 2023 event, which was held at our offices.


An ecosystem is a group of interacting beings where each plays an essential role to keep the community balanced and sustainable. Performa’s ecosystem thrives thanks to the talented people who make it up. We organized this evening celebration to draw everyone out of their nests and enjoy some nourishing nibbles—entirely vegetarian, to stay on theme—from Christian Ventura’s Sushi Momo.


Everyone took home a treat bag stamped with an animal motif and containing inviting indulgences from La boîte à bonbons. That’s why the event invitations included the question “What’s your favourite animal?” To our surprise, three guests named the otter as their preferred creature. And, believe it or not, by the end of the evening there were a dozen animals grooving on the dance floor. You had to be there! 😉


Thanks to everyone who came for a fantastic evening!


Photo credit: Jade Gélinas


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