CASE STUDY – 4,300 leads in 8 months for Arborescence, an eco-friendly development


When we were brought in to work on Arborescence, the only aspect that been finalized was its name. Everything else still needed to be developed, including a competitor audit, brand DNA and identity, lead generation campaigns, public relations, promotional activities, etc. With a tight deadline and high expectations, there was no room for error. The company quickly realized that it wouldn’t be able to meet these lofty goals on its own. Their key question was: “In a highly competitive market, how do you create a strong and inspiring condo brand – residential resort style?”

DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY – Arborescence Phase 1 – By Performa Marketing

Ultimately, it was a smart decision that led to a very successful partnership. Here’s a look at everything we accomplished (Phase 1) as well as the key takeaways from the experience.

We prepared this case study to help real estate developers understand what’s involved in marketing condo projects.



  • Work with people who share your values
  • Small details make a big difference
  • Study comes before strategy
  • Create a singular brand
  • Maximize your investment
  • Be consistent
  • Track your performance


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