Annie’s look back at 2022: 12 smiles of gratitude


By Annie Verrier, President and Founder, Performa Marketing

For Performa Marketing’s 12th anniversary, I want to take a minute to look back at the past year and share 12 things that made me smile with gratitude in 2022.


1 🙂 Meeting three amazing entrepreneurs


I reached out to three entrepreneurs whose work I admire and met with them to share ideas and experiences. Anie Rouleau, David Marotte, Martin Gauthier: thanks for taking the time!



2 🙂 Working with superstars


This year was shaped by the chance to work with some really incredible people who consistently brought competence, quality and fun to the table: Vickie Maxwell, Julie Villeneuve, Marie-Claude Gendron, Sabrina Barabé, Alexandra Nereuta, Isabelle Cardinal, Armando Gomez, Georges Chartier, Steve Desmarais, Carolanne Lavoie-Pilon, Julien Raby, Viviane Alexandra Tardif, Melissa Blanchette, Alexandre Lapierre, Véronique Bérubé, etc.




3 🙂 Talking strategy in a beautiful setting


Our team held a strategic planning session at the Estérel Resort, where we shared ideas on our vision, lessons learned and challenges.




4 🙂 Visiting MARKET Condos and Rentals in Laval


I’m always filled with pride when our work comes to fruition and I see how well our partners executed the vision and brand identity we developed for them. One of my highlights this year was visiting Pur Immobilia‘s MARKET 2-3 project.




5 🙂 Adding more powerful web tools


What would I do without innovative tools — like dashthis — that help us do real-time performance monitoring for all our clients! And then there’s the web campaigns that generate superb results for our clients. Not to mention the CRMs that some of our clients implement to facilitate their processes and performance tracking.



6 🙂 Giving back to the community


It’s tremendously satisfying for Performa to give back by acting as a good corporate citizen. For example, we donated to Tree Canada, an organization that does cool things like making schoolyards greener.



7 🙂 Finding inspiration in Bilbao


In 2022 I travelled to sunny Spain with my colleague and friend Alexandra Nereuta, and blocked some time off to write a blog post about the experience.



Photo  credit : @awol_art_alex



8 🙂 Partying like never before


Oh, the joy of actually getting together in PERSON! We hosted holiday parties with our contributors and held an 80s bash—and the memories we made will last a lifetime!




9 🙂 Winning a design award for LABO


We took home the Platinum Award, in the communications design category, at the 2022 Grands prix du Design for our work on LABO Habitats Locatifs, a property in Westmount. Woot! #gratitude 




10 🙂 Unveiling Performa’s new website


The new website includes a whole bunch of content showcasing our achievements. My heart swells when I see the quality of our creative work and the results it generated!




11 🙂 Supporting our awesome clients


I’m so incredibly grateful for our loyal clients who, year after year, come back to us with renewed confidence. In particular, I’d like to thank: Ariane Birdjandi and Justine Voyer, PMP at Pomerleau, Christopher Ragan at McGill University’s Max Bell School of Public Policy, Patrick Nihon, MBA and Guylaine Duplessis, MBA at Legacy (Celtis – rental condos in Lasalle, Mario, Stéphanie Caron and Denis Houle who worked on Arborescence Bromont, Nicolas Korfage and Marie-Claude Racine at Estérel Resort, Valérie Vanderhacgen at SmartCentres REIT, Richard Jutras and Cidalia Dias of Omnia Technologies, Anne Marie Monette at Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe, Simon Gareau at Devauban, Lucas Grennan at Cosoltec, and Yann Lapointe and Philippe Bernard at Pur Immobilia.



12 🙂 Forging new collaborations


Last but not least: I’m grateful for our new clients! We look for clients who share our values because we know that being on the same page is essential for getting good results. And we’re pretty sure they choose us for the same reason. At Performa, we’re interested in the places where people live, sustainable development, wellness, tourism, sports, education and B2B. Special thanks to Michelle Vallee and Karine Gagner from fdmt – sensory tools and educational games for all, Stell Wallis from ShowTix4U, Robert La Roche from Atis, Calogero Migliari  from GesCam, Sylvain R. Simard from SIMARD Architecture, Marc-Antoine Chevalier and Alexandre Cayer-Desforges from Groupe Chevalier Séguin, Matthieu Simoneau (Vallem Ste-Julie), and Martin Lacharité and Daniel Blanchette from Capital Square





I’m starting the New Year feeling more motivated than ever to keep pursuing our mission, which is to make a BIG difference for companies, no matter how big or how small they are, while working with great people.

May 2023 be filled with joy, gratitude, collaborative opportunities, mutual support, big wins and small victories.

#marketingwithpurpose #gratitude #superteam



By Annie Verrier, President and Founder, Performa Marketing


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